Smellies for sale!

Shipping is from Canada, and prices can vary insanely. Shipping/PP fees will depend on the amount you are buying, but start around 5-6$. I am willing to haggle for multiple bottles! :)

Habu – full, probably aged around 5ish years? 20$

Sleipnir 09 – a little more than half full, I’d say 60%. 12$

Strawberry Moon 09 – ¾ full

Lillith vs Giant Crab – full, 25$

Beaver Moon 07-  full, 25$

Temple Viper – around 40% - 8$

Nuclear Winter – 50% full. 10$

Pomona 09 – 20$

Diwali 07 – Full. 18$

Snowflakes 09 – Full. 20$

But men loved darkness rather than light 09 – Full. 18$

NA decants, 3$ each:

Hathor’s caramel honey tea (tomb 2010)
Princess Amber
Ozy Mandias

I also have bottles of Were Puppy (forum only) and U Mutter Museum, full and tested only, but am unsure what to ask for these!

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Sigh... I was a bad girl this afternoon. someone posted on the lushcosmetics comm on LJ, they came across one of the larger bathbombs on sale...

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The regular sized one, 100g is usually 6.00 + canadian GST and PST. The large version, 500g is usually 18.00.. well, I bought four because they were on sale for 5.00, cheaper than the smaller version!!! Even with shipping of 11.00 (CAD) it works out to 8.00 a bathbomb. What a deal. Although i'm probably just telling myself this to avoid bank account woes.... sigh.

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It's been raining all week. I treated myself to a few lush products today after a long day at work (we were short staffed on top of it already being busy!) I purchased curlywuryly shampoo, which smells aaahmazing, but is a little odd because it has actual pieces of coconut in it. it feels really weird on your scalp, I don't know how to explain. Almost like a spa treatment, like exfoliating your head lmfao. It was surprisingly easy to wash out, but my hair is wet at the moment, so how knows if it won't be a mess once it's dried.

I also started a flickr account to post random photos, necklaces and other stuff i've been working on. Anyone here have flickr and want to be friends? :) I've been making a batch of leather purses/wallets the last couple of days, too, and am going to be opening an etsy account soon!

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Club Monaco purse love. Lately i've been feeling a lot of brown, neutral leather. I really want a nice pair of tall leather boots for fall!
Tomorow is my birthday party (my actual birthday was thursday.) I treated myself to a bit of a lush haul... if anyone's having problem's finding me a bday gift, buy me a lush giftcard :)

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I made this doll recently, so I figured I may as well post it. CC welcome!
It's behind a cut because i'm sure some of you would consider it to be not work safe :P
it's acrylics on felt which I sewed and sealed with gesso to create an even base to paint. :)

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